Crossing gender, race, and age gap

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Frederick Busch frequently has female protagonists or writes from female POV. Many stories AND the novel Manual Labor
Have you read a story written by a male whose protagonist is female?
In George Pellicanos’s story, “The Confidential Informant,” from The Martini Shot, the protagonist is a 20-something black man. And another young black man appears in another story, “String Music.” Pelicanos is a middle aged white guy. Ho good are the portrayals? I asked my grandson to read the stories because he spends hours each day in basketbal games with mostly African-americans.

Not unlike a male author creating a female protagonist or vice versa or a young author writing from the POV of a much older character, this black-on-white treatment can be challenging.

Of course, this is nothing new. Many early women writers used men’s pen names and wrote from a male viewpoint. And we have Danish writer Karen Blixen who published her memoir Out of Africa and other English-speaking books under the name Isak Dinesen.

Which are most succesful? Are there some duds? Is one of these three crossovers harder than others?
Here is one of many blurbs on subject by Mette Ivie Harrison

Another interesting facet

and another

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