James A Murtha

James A. Murtha was born in Detroit then spent most of his first fifty years in Ohio. After teaching briefly at Rutgers, he worked 25 years at Marietta College, where he served as Dean of the college between stints of teaching mathematics and petroleum engineering, then became an independent consultant specializing in statistical models to analyze uncertainty. He studied at Marietta College, University of Wisconsin, Penn State, and Stanford. He was active in the Society of Petroleum Engineers, including being a Distinguished Lecturer and Author. He traveled extensively, working or visiting more than forty countries.



James A. Murtha, DeanAlthough he published technical books and papers along the way, he wanted to write short fiction and memoirs. One could argue he was accumulating material.

Now Jim lives his dream in Houston.

He is a current member of theĀ Houston Writers House. Two of his stories appear in “The Collection” published by HWH.

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